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Exhibitor clause:

1、 With the full understanding of the exhibition, the exhibitors and exhibitors will sign the application form in accordance with the principle of voluntariness, equality and mutual benefit.
2、 After the exhibitor has submitted the application form, the exhibition can not be returned. If there is any cancellation, the exhibitors should pay the refund fee, the refund fee is the booth fee and the other expenses actually generated.
3、 Exhibitors must observe the relevant provisions of the exhibition, such as the early show, not to raise the exhibition, dismantling shall not throw waste, not retail, shall not be damaged during the exhibition exhibition facilities, such as the mob, because of irregularities caused unnecessary losses, the exhibitor shall bear the corresponding punishment.
4、 Groups of units are forbidden to exhibit products infringing intellectual property rights, and the legal disputes arising from the infringement of the exhibitors are not related to the tour units, and the relevant legal liabilities shall be borne by the exhibitors themselves.
5、 In order to ensure the smooth progress of the work, in accordance with the responsibility of group booth for a passport, confirmation of the time stated in the exhibit, the trip to determine exhibitors, booth decoration and other work, as a result of exhibitors delay time and affect the above work, responsibility and independent group unit.
6、 Exhibitors have the responsibility to pay the exhibition fees on time. If the exhibitors fail to hand in all the fees on time, they will be deemed to automatically abandon the exhibition and the Group reserves the right to handle the booths. If the exhibitor fails to provide the booth to the participating company, the group organization will return the booth fees paid by the exhibitors. Submit the registration form within one week of the exhibitor shall pay the registration fee of 2000 yuan / person and booth fee deposit (below 18 square meters booth 20000 yuan; more than 18 square meters and booth 40000 yuan), such as the exhibitor causes the back exhibition fee is not refundable.
7、 Exhibitors as group units of time to send the visa notification, and all the staff refused but not exhibitors, exhibitors will continue to reduce the unit group loss principle properly, but has not a cancellation fee borne by the exhibitor. Exhibitors shall bear the expenses incurred if the exhibitor fails to sign the contract or is unable to attend the exhibition on schedule due to its own reasons. Group organization reserves the right to handle booths.
8、 Where the exhibitor fails to carry out the exhibition plan due to force majeure or non group organization, the exhibitor shall notify the exhibitor in time and return the expenses paid by the exhibitor after deducting the expenses paid.
9、 Special items: because both sides open booth Co., group units of both sides open booth confirmation principles: A, prior to confirm the exhibitors booth application area; B, booth application area under the condition of the same priority confirmed exhibitors early; C, the registration time is under the same conditions, priority confirmed exhibitors the first payment.
10、 In case of any dispute, the two parties shall settle the matter through consultation in a timely manner. If the negotiations or mediation fail, any party may file a lawsuit with the people's Court of the place where the unit is located and shall apply the laws of the People's Republic of China.
11、 This exhibition application form shall be the contract between the group organization and the exhibitor, and will be effective upon signing and sealing by the two parties. The facsimile of this form is equally authentic as the original.