Our Services


Exhibition Management

  • Value One-stoppackages are customized to help you save on your budget
  • Smart B2B Toolsto lead your business to the right people with guaranteed high ratio of success
  • Hosted Buyer Programsto set up the meetings for you and help lock in the deals with your target buyer
  • Exhibitor Training Workshopsto bring up buyers and sales person to the spotlight and share the most valuable information with you
  • Extensive Networkings tofurther extend our strong local networks to help your business gain success

Industry Expertise

  • 30 + Yearsto offer full access to our personalized buyers resources
  • One and Onlyto guarantee the orders for your businesses
  • Sales Resourcesto you provide you with the great support along the entire process
  • Winner’s Teamto help you select an experienced, energetic and comprehensive team
  • Grow Internationallyto help you and your business gain rapid growth

24 Hours On-site Assistance

  • Local Expertsbased in Western U.S. to deliver the service without any obstacles
  • International Teamto assist you to communicate with your target customer more efficiently
  • 24/7to ensure the right message reach the right person
  • Focusto prevent from any mistakes

Quality Control and Inspection

  • Total Protectionto protect your brand and reputation
  • Knowledgeable Staffto offer testing that covers certification, usability, functionality, performance, quality assurance, security, battery impact and so on
  • Proactiveto insure your business’s shipment date and help you reduce the default risk
  • Realtime Checkingto monitor your manufacturing process using the cutting-edge technology

SQC Certification

  • Creditabilityto issue high-degree security and ensure your business to stay as strong in the U.S. market
  • Reliable Partnersto make sure your product and pattern protection are at our top priority
  • Trustto help you establish the goodwill of your business/products
  • Information Technologyto offer you the best hardware/software to assist you with your business tour

Additional Services

  • Immigration packagesto make better life for your and your family
  • Education consultationto plan for your study in the U.S. top colleges
  • Health insuranceto offer the high-quality health care here in the U.S.
  • Real Estateto work on how to find yourself the dream home
  • Travel/Trainingto connect with major travel agencies and firms to customize your traveling plans
  • And Much More