About us


Our purpose is to help you do the business overseas much easier and risk-free.

Exhivisit is a professional Exhibition Service company that expertizes in corporate event planning, exhibition planning, corporate visit and trip planning. We are committed to providing one-stop service to companies from around the world.

Our China and America team is professional and dedicated to offer you the best experience. With strong network of industry experts and local offices, we have helped many companies hold business conferences, trade shows and exhibitions in the US, ranging across 43 industry sectors – general merchandise, cosmetics, furniture and recreation etc.

We also assist companies with post exhibition service. Every year, we assist around 5,000 selected companies to export goods and services, and help them generate billions of dollars in the trading business. Our local market experts can offer you the relevant and updated guidance on doing business in your target market.

Exhivisit delivers contacts, content and communities with the power to transform your business.